Starting with Vim

Yes, I have made a commitment to learn Vim more specifically learn Vim key bindings so that I can incorporate them into my choice of code editor i.e VSCode.

Goals is to improve my productivity in terms of writing code, have installed Neovim on local machine with some good plugins to start out with.

Have created a git repo Vim Practice. Everyday will go through the file practice all the commands present in the file, on the file itself.

Through my learning journey, will keep adding commands to this file, first micro target is to practice basic commands section till it becomes second nature of typing. Than install Vim VSCode for VScode, incorporate this in my regular development workflow.

Onto becoming text editing ninja 🥷

You can start with your own vim learning journey, fork the repo, keep learning and keep adding your own commands to, additionaly suggest me some fun stuff that can be done on vim by sending pull request for me to learn new things. Have fun!

Keep practicing Vim. Cheers!

Mannan Shah | Have a good Friday